• Pulse Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones
  • Pulse Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones
  • Pulse Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones
  • Pulse Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones

Pulse Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones



Weighing just 0.6oz (17g), the Pulse is SOUL's lightest earphones to date. This ultra-light reversed fit earphone is paired with a high performance lightweight cable that tightly wraps around your ears guaranteed to stay on no matter what. The washable silicon body protects against water and sweat; makes the Pulse great for dancing, training running or exercising. Stay active and keep up the beat with the Pulse!

SOUL SPORTS was inspired and developed with the inputs of professional athletes in the likes of 6-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, aka “The World’s Fastest Man”.


SOUL SPORTS provides a competitive advantage with a secure and comfortable fit like the compression gear athletes are using today. Every product lives by the motto “Guaranteed To Stay On” as the only true full sports functional headphones / earphones assortment in the industry.

Revsersed Fit Design

The Pulse is designed with a savvy reversed fitting ear lock concept with the cable wrapping around over and around ears to ensure the best fit.

Ultra Light

Weighs just 0.6oz (17g), the Pulse is designed for active go-getters on the move.

Water/Sweat proof

The silicon body sleeve makes cleaning easy and is washable. Engineered to function under the most arduous workouts and toughest environments.

Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design

Engineered with SOUL signature sound with superb bass and clear mids and highs.

Tangle Free Audio Cable

Eliminates the need to constantly untangle your headphone cable. The tangle free cable allows instant use every time.

Universal One Button Controller

A single button controller compatible with most smartphones will give easy access to such functions as answering or hanging up your phone as well as music playback functions.

Sporty Carrying Pouch

Soft carry pouch for easy storage and protection.





27W x 19H x 21D (mm)

Connector Type

1/8" (3.5mm) Gold Plated

Cable Operating keys

Answer / end key

Cable length

1.2M - 49"

What's included

Ear Tips

Soft Pouch


Ultra-Light Reversed Fit Earphones


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